A private collection of meteorites, tektites and impactites.

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Nice meteorite: Gibeon 2.6kg !  (this piece is sold, sorry)

 Achondrites diogénites lot                        246gr oriented Ureilite                     10gr Tissint (Mars !)

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Who’s Cosmic Rocks?  What’s Cosmic Rocks ?

After more than 20 years past to collect some extraterrestrial material, we wanted to try 
a new work experience and to share with you the passion of meteorites.
This is the way Cosmic-Rocks was born

Cosmic Rocks deal with collectors and meteorites hunters all around the world and 
stocks up often directly to the source.

The authenticity of our meteorites is guaranteed according to the standards 
applied by the Météoritical Society.
We are member of
 the I.M.C.A. (International Meteorite Collectors Association), 
the Planetary Studies Foudation and
the Meteoritical Society.

 Nice fresh chondrites                    237gr wonderfull diogénite !               NWA7397 new Martian