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Our sales are stopped

Nice meteorite: Gibeon 2.6kg !  (this piece is sold, sorry)

 Achondrites diogénites lot                        246gr oriented Ureilite                     10gr Tissint (Mars !)

Þ  OUR EXCLUSIVITIES                           Þ ROCKS FROM SPACE

Who’s Cosmic Rocks?  What’s Cosmic Rocks ?

After more than 20 years past to collect some extraterrestrial material, we wanted to try 
a new work experience and to share with you the passion of meteorites.
This is the way Cosmic-Rocks was born

Cosmic Rocks sells and buys meteorites, tektites and impactites.

It is thus one of rare official store (and probably the only one in Belgium!) exclusively dedicated to this extraordinary cosmic material and all which relates to it. 
Cosmic Rocks deal with collectors and meteorites hunters all around the world and 
stocks up often directly to the source.

You can buy in confidence, all our meteorites are supplied with 
an individual certificate of authenticity. 
The authenticity of our meteorites is guaranteed according to the standards 
applied by the Météoritical Society.
We are member of
 the I.M.C.A. (International Meteorite Collectors Association), 
the Planetary Studies Foudation and
the Meteoritical Society.

  • Shipping: We ship worldwide. Items will be shipped within 3 working days of receiving, cleared payment. Our shipment charges are exactly calculated according to the current mail price rates.We combine shipping for multiple items so you can save on postage, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Payments:  We accept bank transfert and international payments with you credit card (Visa) but we prefer most of all a payment with Paypal.  Attention, we do not accept any check or Paypal deferred transfer ! 

  • Foreign customers: ATTENTION,  all our prices are in Euros (€). The prices posted in $ are indicative on 1,0€ base = $1,15 actually.  So, your payment will be made in Euro (€) via Paypal. 

  • VAT: as collector's items, our meteorites are submitted to a 6 % VAT. Our other products (boxes, supports and diverse accessories) are submitted to a 21 % VAT. All our prices are inclusive VAT.

  • Return Policy: We garantee the authenticity of every meteorites we sell so, if you are not satisfy, please contact us immediately or at last within 14 days after reception, we surely have a good solution ! We are not curious, but we like to know what motivated the buyer to give up his purchase if the reasons are not personal. It allows us to improve constantly.

  • Refund will be given as money back but buyer must pays return shipping. Having got in touch with us in writing (mail or Email because we shall have to establish you a credit note), the buyer returns us the   goods, not modified, and in perfect condition and at his own expense.

Contact us with any comments or suggestions, we will be happy to assist you.

The shipping of our goods be exclusively made after reception of the totality of the payment.

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Our id is:  cosmic-rocks

 Nice fresh chondrites                    237gr wonderfull diogénite !               NWA7397 new Martian

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All our prices are in Euros (€). The prices posted in $ are indicative on 1,0€ base = $1,3 .
So, your payment will be made in Euro (€) via Paypal. Don't hesitate to contact us for any question.

Cosmic Rocks: Numéro d'entreprise/TVA: 0502.965.784.  BNP: BE84 001 6903473 59  BIC: GEBABEBB.